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Born in June of 1964 in Quebec, Christian Clermont studies music at “l’Université de Montréal” and obtains his bachelor’s in composition.

For over fifteen years, he is omnipresent in Canadian and international television with signature and original soundtrack of many series such as:Transplant (2020), Mirage(2020),  Apocalypse ( WW1, Verdun, La paix impossible) Pour Sarah, , Fugueuse, This Life, Les Honorables and Aveux. His muscial talents also affect the cinema world, such as the films Pee-Wee and 5150 rue des Ormes.

His passion of traveling the world and his interest in foreign cultures are his sources of inspiration and motivation to discover new rhythms and stimulating sounds. He establishes relationships with multiple musicians, both from Europe and Africa. He has equally travelled to the United States to participate in orchestration workshops in New York and Los Angeles. There he is introduced to modern techno music, including the Burning Man Festival in the deserts of Nevada. Explorer of the constantly changing musical and cinematographic universes, Christian Clermont maintains and develops his musical ear each trip: at the SXSW Festival (Austin, Texas), Sundance. Finding inspiration through nature and the great outdoors, he always travels with his studio up his sleeve no matter where he goes. As a gifted artist, composer of image-based music, orchestral arranger, pianist and drummer, Christian Clermont successfully composes for every audience and passionately addresses all genres with equal attention to aesthetics and originality.

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