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“ Christian Clermont is without a doubt a versatile composer who plunges us into all kinds of musical spheres. ”

“ The composer Christian Clermont had to rise up to the challenge of finding the right tone to adapt to the Apocalypse series, to which the purpose found halfway between didactics and drama. ”

“ The four episodes sounded by the Montreal-based company Technicolor / Modulations, winner of an Emmy for the series “Pillars of the Earth” in 2011. It is the musician Christian Clermont (Mirador, Prozac) who will be responsible for the soundtrack. ”

“ Christian Clermont is certainly one of our most prolific audiovisual composers. We cannot count the amount of collaborations and distinctions of the one who gave birth to the soundtracks of 5051 rue Des Ormes, Les hauts et les bas de Sophie Paquin and Aveux, just to name a few. His ability to assimilate all genres and musical cultures are certainly at the heart of his success. No matter the challenge, he knows to somehow find the melodic color that will stick to him perfectly. ”

“ My passion is to contribute to each project with music that can be as diverse as possible. ”

- Christian Clermont

“ Irresistible music, found in Aveux, signed Christian Clermont. Modern, atmospheric, intriguing, mysterious, subtle, haunting, in perfect symbiosis with the smooth realization of Claude Desrosiers, the brilliant scenario of Serge Boucher, the intrigue of this elegant and refined mystery series. A music like an effective character, yet very discreet. ”

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